What Is Epoxy Flooring?

February 5, 2021

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

When you’ve made the decision to lay a new floor in your commercial building, garage, or other outdoor space, epoxy flooring is one of the best decisions you can make. Also know as resinous flooring, it’s an excellent choice due to its durability, customization options, sustainability, and variety of design choices. It is especially practical in high traffic areas where you might be transporting heavy tools or materials, high levels of foot traffic, or vehicles coming in and out frequently. These types of activities can be very hard on other flooring systems. However, epoxy flooring is famous for its durability and resistance to wear and tear, not to mention its aesthetic properties. Not only does it hold up, but it also looks great while doing it. If you’re currently considering epoxy floors and would like to understand what they are, how their benefits, and your design choices, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll explain everything you need to know to make the right decision for your property.

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Epoxy flooring is basically a flooring surface made up of multiple epoxy layers that are applied, the epoxy layers combined should be at least two millimeters thick. It is also possible to apply an epoxy coating over an existing floor system. This is then just a coverup or maintenance measure to extend the life of an existing surface. Both are great options, with varying price points and finish times.

What are the different types of Epoxy flooring?

  • Flake Epoxy Flooring: This type of epoxy flooring features colored flake materials inserted directly into the epoxy in order to produce a dynamic, multi-colored finish. Not only aesthetically pleasing, but these flakes also create inconspicuous grooves and ripples in the surface that promote traction and reduce the risk of slipping. The flakes come in a great variety of hues, sizes, styles, or textures, allowing you to personalize your flooring however you wish. This style of epoxy flooring is perfect for commercial kitchens, medical spaces, showrooms, and any kind of sports venues, among others.
  • Epoxy Anti-Static Flooring: In many work environments where flammable materials are stored and used, static can be a big concern. It´s important to choose a flooring system that can resist potential fire hazards. Anti-Static Epoxy can be applied to do just that, this coating contains a conductive component that accumulates static electricity and dissipates the charge before it can cause problems. This flooring system is perfect for manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, and other spaces that employ flammable materials that pose a risk of combustible dust buildup.  
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy Flooring: This type is often applied to cover up concrete flooring for a longer-lasting, more durable, and smooth surface. It can be also be applied over older, damaged, or cracked concrete flooring as a repair method. It can be a great way to give your plain concrete a facelift with a glossy, seamless look that comes in many different color options. It’s perfect for any commercial, industrial, or residential space.  

As stated, epoxy is an excellent choice for any flooring system due to its durability, resistance to damage, and customization possibilities. Are you ready to take the plunge and start designing your new floor? Give us a call at (786) 460-1275 for a free consultation! We are available Monday through Saturday to answer all your questions and concerns!

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