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Commercial Concrete Polishing

Everything you need to know about polished concrete in Miami, Fl.

More and more business owners are realizing that commercial concrete polishing is the best option for their retail space, commercial warehouse, and office facilities over traditional flooring options such as natural or manufactured stone, tile, linoleum, carpeting, or wood. Because polished concrete is so much more affordable, easy to maintain, professional looking, and resistant to damage, it just makes sense. Commercial spaces tend to get beat up by heavy use, requiring consistent fixes and special coatings to keep them looking good. With polished concrete, you not only save on the application but also in the time and worry you save over other flooring material options. Whether updating an older and worn floor or starting from scratch with a new one, polished concrete is the superior choice.

Common facilities: Hotel lobbies, Industrial facilities, Retail stores, Showrooms, Warehouses, Institutions, Packing facilities

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Concrete Polishing in Miami

The Benefits of Concrete Polishing for Commercial Facilities

polished concrete for commercial buildings

LEED Friendly

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is the most broadly used green building rating system in the world and it recognizes concrete polishing for its green qualities and benefits. Dry concrete polishing is an extremely environmentally friendly process that will remain pristine without harmful chemicals and additives for years to come.

glossy polished concrete floor in Florida

Improved Reflectivity

Because polished concrete is extremely shiny, it has a high level of reflectivity. Your commercial space will not require additional artificial lighting and very little artificial light if any during daytime hours. With polished concrete flooring, you can increase your ambient lighting by up to 30%, creating a professional and welcoming environment for your customers and staff.

Increased Slip Resistance

Even though polished concrete has a nice gloss finish, that doesn’t mean that you need to worry about possible injuries from slipping. The grinding process, while leaving the concrete smooth and shiny creates abrasion that allows more traction than other natural stone options. If you have a commercial and/or residential space with polished concrete, you won’t have to worry about your employees or family members slipping and falling.

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Cost Effective

Polished concrete is extremely cost-effective. Concrete is one of the cheapest materials out there for flooring. For a beautiful polished concrete floor, you can use an existing concrete floor or lay on a new concrete floor and the polishing process is extremely quick and easy. Our experienced crew can be in and out in as little as one or two days!

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Reduced Tire Wear

Natural or untreated concrete often has a rough texture that can abrade your tires each time you drive over it quickening the wearing out process. However, with polished concrete, you’ll have no joints or seams in the concrete and the surface is completely smooth, preserving your tires for even longer. This is especially important in the auto industry.

industrial concrete polishing in a Miami building

No Production/Plant Shutdowns

Because concrete is available virtually everywhere, you don´t have to worry about delays from production or plant shutdowns. With natural stone flooring options, this can often be a worry for customers. There´s nothing worse than starting a new flooring project and then having to wait for days or even weeks before receiving the material in order to complete the project.

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How Concrete Polishing Works

Miami Concrete Polishing

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Step 1: Test the level of hardness of the concrete to select the appropriate grit for the grinding process
Step 2: Preparation of the concrete surface for grinding by removing any existing coatings, filling in any surface holes or cracks and evening out the surface
Step 3: Removal of any tooling marks that resulted from the preparation stage and cleanup of any remaining dust or debris
Step 4: Densification of the concrete with pore filler and/or chemical hardener to provide additional protection from water damage
Step 5: The polishing process begins with a downgrade of grits to refine the floor with each pass
Step 6: Once the desired polish has been achieved, the floor is sealed again with a stain guard for maximum protection and ease of care

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