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Epoxy flooring is an increasingly popular flooring choice for both commercial buildings and homes alike. After a concrete floor has been planned out and prepared, the epoxy coating (a mix of liquid resin and a hardening chemical) is spread out over the concrete. Our contractors will smooth out several layers over the concrete to ensure evenness and maximum protection. Once the epoxy has hardened completely it creates a great barrier to stains and damage from industrial and household chemicals. Epoxy flooring can be used in a multitude of settings and has many benefits. It is also very adaptable and easy to customize with decorative elements or different colorings according to your personal budget, usage habits, and design goals. To learn more about how epoxy can add value to your property, check out the sections below.

Common Applications: Industrial facilities, Garage flooring, Warehouses, Institutions, Packing facilities

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Epoxy Flooring We Offer

epoxy garage floor in Miami

Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy flooring for garages is a cheap and no fuss option for commercial and residential garages. Once the epoxy has been cured and dried, the flooring becomes resistant to staining, shiny and professional-looking, and very easy to keep clean. Natural concrete has a porous surface that absorbs chemicals and grease, creating stains and ugly imperfections.

metallic epoxy floors Miami

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy is beautiful and unique. It differs from a normal epoxy in that it employs a low yellowing epoxy and is mixed with metallic pigment. When these pigments are agitated with our equipment, they create attractive patterns that reflect light at different angles. Our concrete  contractors can customize the patterns to your desired look.

metallic flaked epoxy floors

Flaked Epoxy Floors

Flaked epoxy flooring is a great alternative to the expensive mosaic-like terrazzo. Flaked epoxy is equally beautiful but longer-lasting and easier to lay and maintain. Decorative flakes floor coating is made of colorful flakes (in the color scheme of your choosing) suspended in a clear resin. The distribution is random and organic. It gives your flooring a natural and visually appealing look.

gravel epoxy flooring

Gravel Epoxy Floors

Gravel epoxy is a great solution for institutional, commercial, and retail flooring that typically deals with food prep, laboratories, bathrooms, clinics, pet care, and more. You can also incorporate anti-microbial formulas for added protection to meet ADA, USDA, FDA, and OSHA standards. Gravel-flaked epoxy can be customized according to your desired design and provide a terrazzo-like finish while camouflaging dirt.

industrial epoxy application in a warehouse

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial epoxy is a great option for industrial centers that experience lots of wear and tear from machinery, exposure to harsh chemicals, and daily abrasion. Because epoxy flooring is an industrial-strength product, it can hold up to any damage your machinery or vehicles might cause to a normal concrete floor. It is also much more cost-effective than other traditional industrial flooring materials.

anti static epoxy flooring

Anti Static Epoxy Flooring

Anti-static epoxy protects sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by electrostatic charge (ESD) in static sensitive working environments, especially in the electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. Anti-static flooring contains conductive material that dissipates potential static discharge. This flooring prevents explosions and fires, making for a safer working environment.

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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring

Miami Epoxy Floors

Concrete Coatings Miami Florida

Why choose epoxy over other flooring choices? I’s simple! Epoxy coating installation is an extremely quick and extremely cost-effective option with no sacrifices in durability or quality. Adding an epoxy coating to your existing concrete can extend the life of your concrete by more than 30%! Professional application of epoxy will:

weatherproof your floor making it less susceptible to cracking due to changes in temperature or earthquakes
make it resistant to damage from exposure to industrial and household chemicals (acids, solvents, etc.)
increase structural integrity (less cracking or splitting from impact)
reduced maintenance (no additional coatings, waxes, or special cleaning products required)
added durability (epoxy makes your concrete much harder helping it to withstand impact from heavy equipment)

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