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Garage Floor Epoxy in Miami, Fl

Want to know more about our concrete epoxy coatings?

If you’re looking for a way to add aesthetic value and durability to your commercial or residential garage, look no further! Garage floor epoxy is the quickest, cheapest, and easiest option to provide needed protection to your garage. The epoxy is applied in thin, even layers and once it has tried, your flooring is completely stain-resistant, glossy and professional-looking, and easy to clean. Because the concrete is no longer porous, it can’t absorb grease or chemicals to create stains. Additionally, epoxy can weatherproof your concrete and protect it from damage caused due to abrasion, impact, and scratching caused by heavy machinery or vehicles. To read up on more information on the benefits of garage flooring epoxy, read the sections below!

Common Applications: Industrial facilities, Garage flooring, Warehouses, Institutions, Packing facilities
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It's time to upgrade your garage's drab, cracked, and scum-stained concrete floor with a beautiful, durable, and affordable epoxy coating.
Garage Floor Epoxy Miami, Florida

Why Use Epoxy Coatings For Your Garage?

Epoxy coating for your garage is the perfect solution! It’s low cost, quick, easy to maintain, and can add years to the lifespan of your garage flooring. Give us a call now to get started!

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Chemical and Stain-Resistant

One of the greatest benefits of epoxy coating for your garage is the extra protection you can expect. Once the epoxy coating is applied, cured, and dried, the concrete will be completely protected from pesky grease stains and damage from chemical spills. In garages, these kinds of risks are especially common, that’s why we suggest treating your existing or new concrete slab with an epoxy coating as soon as you possibly can.

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Zero to Low Maintenance

Epoxy coatings are perfect for your workspaces because there is very little maintenance involved to keep them looking shiny and brand new. You can expect your floors to continue looking professional for at least the next 15 years. With epoxy, no extra coatings, waxes, or cleaning products are required to keep the floor clean. With a quick sweep or wet mopping, your floors will look as good as the first day they were poured.

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Superior Durability

Finally, you can expect long-lasting durability when you apply epoxies to your flooring. Untreated concrete is naturally porous and susceptible to damage from heavy machinery traffic, impact from equipment, changes in temperate or climate, chemical spills, and more. However, once you’ve got your garage floor treated with our high-quality epoxy coatings you’ll notice the difference immediately! You’ll never have to worry about damage to your floors ever again. Just a quick sweep every now and then.

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Endless Colors and Designs

Sometimes when we think of concrete slabs, even when they’ve been treated with epoxy or other coatings, we think of boring grey or cheap industrial materials. With current breakthroughs in epoxies, we can now create truly unique design features. We can add metallic pigments, personalized colorings, and flakes to create a design that you will love. Adding pigment to your epoxy can also disguise discoloration from previous stains and any accumulated dirt or debris.

Our epoxy coatings are second to none.

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Invest In Your Home With Epoxy Flooring

Miami Epoxy Garage Floors

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Invest in your property! In the future you might want to sell or appraise your residential or commercial garage and, in that moment, you will probably start to see all the cracks and damage that you didn’t notice before. These kinds of imperfections can really affect an inspection or an appraisal. With our state-of-the-art epoxy coatings, you can rest assured that your floors will not only pass inspection but will be seen as an added value to your property.  Epoxy coatings for garages really give a space an artistic flair with a clean look and feel. Many of our clients choose epoxy coatings for their quick and simple application, modern aesthetic, their ability to cover imperfections and add value to their properties.

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