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What is acid stain concrete?

Everything you need to know about acid stain concrete in Miami, Florida.

Acid stains are similar to wood stains in that they can be applied to a raw material in order to change its color and texture. Concrete acid stain is generally made of a mixture of water, metallic salts, and hydrochloric acid. When it is applied to an untreated concrete floor, it reacts with the lime in the concrete to create interesting color variations and patterns that increase the aesthetic value of a normally quite plain concrete floor. After the stain has reacted with the lime in the concrete, it becomes a permanent fixture that won’t chip, fade away, or peel with time.

Acid Stain Concrete for Interior Applications:

Indoor concrete acid stain adds a beautiful earthy effect to your indoor space! We can apply the acid stain to your basement, shop, garage, or concrete countertops. The application process is very simple and once complete, daily cleaning is a cinch. The finished product can be swept, dust mopped, vacuumed, or wet mopped with a mild cleaning product.

Acid Stain Concrete for Exterior Applications:

Adding acid stain to your outdoor patio or driveway can give new life to gray, dull-looking surfaces. Once applied it is permanent, fade-resistant, and will never chip or peel away. It’s a great option for high use barbecue areas vulnerable to staining as the elaborate patterns can hide a lot.

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How to know if acid stain is the right choice for your concrete surface?

There are very few downsides to acid staining, as it is an extremely easy, long-term, low-maintenance, and low-cost option for sprucing up existing concrete or for adding visual interest to a new concrete floor. Other coloring options create an opaque or solid effect on the concrete, whereas acid staining can create a marbled or translucent effect lending depth or dimension to your indoor or outdoor space. One thing you should consider before investing in acid staining, is the age, condition, and quality of the concrete. These factors will affect the final look of the floor. The advantage, and sometimes disadvantage of acid staining is the unpredictability of the final look. It can create beautifully unique color patterns that you’ll love, but it’s difficult to know ahead of time what that pattern will be. For more information or a free consultation about your particular property, give us a call.

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The Benefits of Acid Stain Concrete

acid stain concrete floors in miami

The benefits of acid staining your concrete floor are endless! Because concrete acid staining has been such a popular option for so long, there are an infinite number of colors and product types to choose from.

For colors, you can choose from complimentary earthy browns, deep greens, glowing golds, rich reds, and terra cotta or tan hues. Acids can be used to create unique patterns such as waves, elaborate swirls, natural marbling, and many other effects with very little additional work. Our experienced professionals can even stencil customized designs of your choice into your flooring. All you have to do is ask!

Not only is acid staining a great aesthetic choice, but it also allows you a lot of flexibility in your future flooring choices. If you decide in the future that concrete flooring isn’t actually what you want, the acid stain won’t impact your ability to install a different type of flooring right on top. Acid staining is also a great way to quickly add value to an older floor, in the case that you’re in the process of trying to sell your property. Once the stain has been applied and all the cleanup work is complete, the floor is usable and ready to be shown, right away.

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“We recently bought a home in South Beach and wanted to give our exterior patio and car-park a modern look. We called the guys at Concrete Polishing Miami for advice on what to do with our concrete. They suggested acid staining to fit our budget and needs. They walked us through the whole process and made sure we were comfortable with the final selection. The crew came out and completed the staining in one day and followed up a couple of days after to make sure we were happy with the final result. Overall, the process went very smoothly and we absolutely love how modern and stylish our revamped patio looks! Thanks so much, guys!”

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