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Concrete is quickly becoming the go-to flooring material for retail, commercial warehouses, office facilities, and homes due to its myriad of design choices, resiliency, cost efficiency, and easy maintenance. With new methods in polishing, you can have unique and beautiful floors in a matter of days.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is similar to the process of sanding wood; it involves grinding down and refining the surface of the concrete to give it a glossy, mirror-like finish. Polishing machines equipped with progressively finer grits are utilized to gradually refine the surface to the required degree of shine and smoothness.

The Process

The process of concrete polishing is simple and straightforward. We begin grinding down the surface with the coarsest grit disks to remove blemishes, stains, pits, and previous coatings to prepare the floor for polishing. Next, our specialists use ever-finer grits to create the desired level of sheen. Throughout the polishing process, we apply an internal impregnating sealer that hardens and densifies the concrete to protect it and eliminate the need for additional coatings.

What sets us apart?

At Concrete Polishing Miami, we care about you the customer, and the environment, that’s why we strive to use only environmentally friendly polishing methods and the highest quality tools and materials. Give us a call now at (786) 460-1275 for beautiful and effortless polished concrete flooring!

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Want to know about our concrete polishing services?

At Concrete Polishing Miami, we solve any and all of your concrete flooring needs! Read on to learn a little bit about each of the flooring services that we provide.

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Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a great method for converting your boring and unseen gray concrete floors into glossy, showstopping works of art. The design options for polished concrete are endless. You can select nearly any color you’d like, we can create unique patterns, embed interesting objects, and even control the level of reflectivity from a satiny finish to a simple high gloss. Not only is polished concrete elegant and aesthetically appealing, but it is also extremely easy to maintain. Once the polishing process is complete, the floor will only require an occasional light mopping to pick up dust.

polished concrete flooring in miami florida

Residential Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is a great flooring choice for your home. Not only is it low cost, low maintenance, and hard to damage, it is extremely versatile in design. Often when people think of concrete, they think of a dull, rough, and cold material reserved for garages or outdoor spaces. With the right concrete polishing, your concrete floor is easily customizable to your taste and design vision. Your concrete floors can be polished to simulate elegant polished quartz, feature stunning aggregates, or dyed to create a sense of sophistication. Call our skilled concrete contractors in Miami today to get started!
commercial concrete polishing in Miami Fl

Commercial Polished Concrete

More and more retail, commercial warehouse, and office facility owners are opting for polished concrete flooring over marble, granite, tile, linoleum, or wood for its exceptional durability, resistance to impact, damage, and peeling, and easy maintenance. Polished concrete is ideal for heavy foot traffic, movement of inventory, and showrooms as it does not require special coatings or waxes to maintain its clean, glossy appearance. Old and worn concrete floors can quickly be converted into elegant and professional-looking floors in just days. Call to learn more about commercial flooring.

More Concrete Services

concrete resurfacing on a driveway in Miami

Concrete Resurfacing

Most home and business owners opt for concrete surfaces for their low price, easy maintenance, and durability. However, even concrete can start to show signs of aging with time. You might notice cracks, stains, or crumbling edges beginning to appear. Tearing out old concrete and pouring a whole new slab can be time consuming and expensive. Luckily, we can give your concrete flooring new life with concrete resurfacing. It is a very simple process. First, we clean the old surface, repair the cracks, and cover the surface with a new layer of concrete. This new layer will incorporate the color and design elements of your choice.

epoxy floors in Miami home

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a unique material that is growing quickly in popularity for commercial buildings and homeowners alike. After a concrete floor has been smoothed and prepped, the epoxy (a mix of liquid resin and hardening chemical) is poured in several layers over the concrete. The epoxy hardens from a liquid into a glossy, hard surface resistant to stains and damage from chemicals. The main benefits of this flooring is the low price, easy installation, and easy maintenance. Additionally, decorative epoxy coatings and metallic epoxy flooring elements can be added to create colors and designs that go well with any design scheme.

garage floor epoxy in Miami Florida

Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy flooring for garages is a great quick, cheap, no-fuss option for commercial and residential garage owners. Once cured and dried, the flooring becomes completely stain resistant, glossy, and easy to clean. No more porous concrete that soaks up grease stains making it impossible to clean! Your new flooring will keep your garage looking new and professional for years to come. Additionally, epoxy makes concrete extremely durable, resistant to scratching or damage from heavy vehicles, dragging, chemicals, and regular wear and tear. You’ll love your new flooring! Give us a call now at (786) 460-1275 to check out your options.

industrial epoxy application in a warehouse

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring in industrial buildings is a great choice. Most industrial centers need flooring that can hold up to abrasion, wear and tear from machinery, and exposure to harsh chemicals. Because epoxy flooring is an industrial strength product, it serves much better than a traditional concrete floor. Concrete flooring is porous, prone to staining, and easily cracked when exposed to changing weather and heavy equipment. Applying epoxy to your existing concrete floor has many great benefits: weatherproofing, chemical resistance (acids, solvents, etc.), structural integrity, reduced upkeep (no waxes, coatings, special cleaning products), added durability (withstands heavy equipment and impact), and more!

commercial epoxy floor being applied in warehouse

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy flooring can easily be adapted for nearly any commercial industry. It provides an easy to clean, seamless, durable, and attractive floor for any business. We can install epoxy in all types of settings, such as kitchens, inventory and storage areas, industrial-sized refrigerators, restrooms, delivery areas, and more! Due to the ease with which we can add design elements and decorative coatings, you may want to outfit your entire building with epoxy flooring! Commercial flooring doesn´t have to be boring or bland. We can provide epoxy in a vast variety of colors. In addition to varied colors, we can also add anti-slip surfaces, topcoat, and custom patterns and markings to direct flow and foot traffic.

newly resurfaced pool deck in miami

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Are you tired of your old pool deck? Concrete pool deck resurfacing can completely revitalize your pool area without the headache of taking out the old concrete and starting from scratch. Not only is resurfacing quick and cost-efficient, but there are also many different design options to choose from which can totally change the entire look of your pool deck. We can add a wide array of colors, textures, stamps, and stencils. Resurfacing is also great for improving resistance to slipping, salt, pool chemicals, UV exposure, freezing and thawing temperatures, and abrasion. Ready to give your pool deck a makeover today? Give us a call now at (786) 460-1275 if you’d like to learn more about our pool deck resurfacing services.

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What are the benefits of concrete polishing?

Concrete polishing is the perfect solution for business and home owners who want to have the protective qualities of industrial strength flooring without sacrificing aesthetics. The process is ideal for those who want to save time and money and ensure that their flooring will remain glossy and pristine for years to come. We can polish existing or new concrete flooring, apply epoxy, or resurface your old concrete floor in as little as 2-3 days.


Low Maintenance

No additional products, coatings, or finishes are necessary. Flooring is dust resistant, naturally glossy, and won’t harbor dirt or allergens.


Variety of Design Options

There is a virtually endless variety of colors, patterns, and stamps that can be applied to concrete and concrete coatings.



Polished concrete floors can last 15+ years and are resistant to staining, scratching, and all types of abrasion.



Resurfacing or using existing concrete is much more cost-efficient than tearing out flooring and starting from scratch.


High Light Reflectivity

Satiny finish projects a bright and clean professional image, requires less professional lighting.


Seamless and Slip Resistant

Polished concrete flooring provides safe, anti-slip surfaces. They are also resistant to microbes and bacteria.

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And not only do we care about you, the customer, we also care about the environment. We ensure that all of our materials and application practices are sustainable and promote as little contamination and waste as possible. This is something that not every company in the business can say.

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