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Polished Concrete Miami, Fl

Everything you need to know about polished concrete in Miami, Fl.

Polished concrete flooring is a unique way to update and beautify your retail space, commercial warehouse, office, or home easily and economically! With the plethora of new polishing methods, in place of your dreary gray concrete, you’ll have a unique piece of art.

Concrete polishing is very similar to the process of sanding wood, we grind down the surface to a refined glossy sheen. Not only will it have a mirror-like finish, but we can also dye the concrete in a variety of colors or patterns. With our cutting-edge polishing machines we can refine the surface to your desired degree of shine and smoothness.

Common facilities: Hotel lobbies, Industrial facilities, Retail stores, Showrooms, Warehouses, Institutions, Packing facilities
Residential Uses: Kitchens, Modern Interiors, Basements, Garage Flooring

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Concrete Polishing in Miami

Polished Concrete Services and Applications

commercial concrete polishing in Florida

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Retail space, commercial warehouse, and office building owners are now going with polished concrete over other expensive options like marble, inlaid tile, linoleum, carpeting, or wood because it is extremely durable, resistant to damage from high traffic and impact and staining, and will not peel up or scratch easily. It’s also very low maintenance and easy to clean. This is an ideal flooring choice for spaces that experience frequent foot traffic, movement of heavy inventory, or exposure to a variety of chemicals. Your floors will remain glossy and professional throughout it all. And the maintenance is extremely minimal, you only need to run a quick broom or mop over the surface!

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Residential Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete for your home is another great choice. It is low cost, low maintenance, difficult to damage, and offers a multitude of design options. Usually when you picture concrete flooring, cold, rough, and dull-looking garages or driveways come to mind. However, polishing transforms that unappealing concrete into a high-class and luxurious looking piece of art! Concrete polishing is amazingly customizable and modern looking. With our state-of-the-art polishers, we can polish your concrete floors to simulate polished quartz, marble, or other natural stone materials. If you prefer a more creative look, we can also lay in stunning aggregates or customized dyes and colorings.

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Decorative Polished Concrete

The design options are endless when it comes to concrete polishing! Whether it be to modernize an older looking commercial space or create a showstopping focal point in your home, decorative polished concrete can do it all. Designs can range from a simple polished gray to graduated stained finishes with unlimited artistic potential. Our expert polishers can use saw cuts to add interesting patterns and textures, imbed interesting aggregates like glass, metal objects, seashells, and more! The sky is the limit when it comes to concrete polishing. If you prefer a more conservative look, we can also add coloring directly into the concrete mix for a nice neutral shiny floor in the color of your choice.

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How Concrete Polishing Works

Miami Concrete Polishing

concrete grinding for polished floors
Step 1: Test the level of hardness of the concrete to select the appropriate grit for the grinding process
Step 2: Preparation of the concrete surface for grinding by removing any existing coatings, filling in any surface holes or cracks and evening out the surface
Step 3: Removal of any tooling marks that resulted from the preparation stage and cleanup of any remaining dust or debris
Step 4: Densification of the concrete with pore filler and/or chemical hardener to provide additional protection from water damage
Step 5: The polishing process begins with a downgrade of grits to refine the floor with each pass
Step 6: Once the desired polish has been achieved, the floor is sealed again with a stain guard for maximum protection and ease of care

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