The Top 6 Neighborhoods to Live in Miami in 2022

November 23, 2022

Let’s Take a Look At The Best Neighborhoods in Miami

South Beach

When exploring the top neighborhoods to live in Miami, you really cannot leave off the South Beach area. Also known as SoBe is a densely populated neighborhood known for its beautiful art deco architecture, popping nightlife, and rich urban culture. This neighborhood is well-suited for young singles or couples that are okay with mixing with the sometimes loud and in-your-face night seen. It’s a place to be seen and live the high life, which is not well-suited for families. Most housing options are found in high-rise, modern condo buildings that boast incredible views of the Florida coastline. If you are okay with crowded streets and tourists, this could be a great place to live.

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Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a little island that stretches for 7 miles in length and only 1 mile in width. Because of this, the area is quite densely populated and easily walkable. Residents will love the beachfront trails and boardwalks that abound. This makes it a great place to live for the athletic individual who appreciates a nice job along the coast. Like SoBe, Miami Beach boasts an abundance of restaurants and nightlife – and virtually there is no need to leave your bubble here. Again, this neighborhood is best suited for the young (at heart) who don’t mind all the action, tourists, and crowds.

Key Biscayne

Located just a bit south of Miami, Key Biscayne is known for its opulent homes, excellent schools, and well-manicured streets. Due to its calm and scenic streets, a large portion of the neighborhood consists of elderly retirees. However, more and more families are moving in to take advantage of its quiet ambiance. The neighborhood consists almost exclusively of large mansions and estates, so finding a modern condo wouldn’t be an option here. This area is well-suited for more established families and folks looking to settle down.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a neighborhood that fits the needs of a more diverse subset of people, incomes, and home life situations. It’s a great blend of residential and commercial areas. Here you can find single-family homes, detached homes, townhouses, and really something for everyone. This area is a top choice for families with young children, as its school district is one of the top districts in Miami. The University of Miami is conveniently located near downtown, giving the area a diverse population of students from all backgrounds. There are more public transportation options downtown as well, making it easier to get around without a car.


When most people think of Miami, they often immediately think of Brickell. It’s one of the newly developed areas of the city that boasts an impressive skyline of sleek, white residential and commercial towers. It truly is an impressive sight to see! With a healthy banking sector in downtown Brickell, the area has attracted quite a bit of young talent in recent years. It’s a great place to live and start a career. However, if you’re interested in Brickell but not the hustle and bustle, you may want to check out Brickell Key, a gated island with beautiful homes and an upscale feel.

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Coconut Grove

Located just to the east of Coral Gabes, Coconut Grove is another impressive and beautiful neighborhood that tops our list. As one of the city’s most historic neighborhoods, it offers an element of the past that truly gives the neighborhood a unique character. Its beautiful scenery combined with its charming cafes and boutiques and happening nightlife makes it a top option for young couples and families.

Our Roundup of the Top Neighborhoods in Miami

As you can see, Miami has something to offer everyone. From young couples and singles to more established families, there truly is a neighborhood that will suit the needs of everyone. Whether you’re looking to experience Miami’s famous nightlife and beautiful beaches, or you’re looking for a green, quiet and calm neighborhood to settle down in, your options are not limited. Our family and business, Concrete Polishing Miami, has been settled in Miami for over 15 years and can say it truly is an excellent place to live!

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